Real Love Spells that work

What kind of witchcraft do you use to cast your spells?

I always use Egyptian Witchcraft as it is the precise magic which I have been gifted with. The use of Egyptian Witchcraft guarantees that your spell will be cast with one of the most powerful form of magic.

How long does it take for a spell to take effect?

Such as the price of the spell, it depends on the situation and the type of spell you ordered. However, if I had to say something, I think that you can normally expect to have results between 2 days and 7 weeks. It's very rare to have instant results, as well as it's rare that the effects of the spell need more than 7 weeks to occur.

Once the spell works, how long does it last? Is it permanent or do I have to order a new spell in some months or years?

Again, it depends on what you will ask me to do for you. I can cast a spell with permanent effect, so that it will never stop to work, but in that case I will ask you to be completely sure of you are asking me to do. As it is said in the general information about my spells, magic is definitely not a game and you must consider it very seriously.

Do you cast free spells?

No, I don't cast free spells. The reason for this is pretty simple: each spell I cast requires me to consume materials that I buy, so how do you want me to cast a free spell? Besides, my clients are also paying for my time so would it be fair that I cast free spells for a few persons, while others have to pay to hire my services? Of course not.

How can I pay you?

Being a registered business, I only accept payments by credit cards. I do not accept money orders, moneygram or western union. You can use the main credit cards to order a spell on my website: VISA, Mastercard, Debit Card etc.

Once you have cast the spell, is there anything I can do to make your spell work?

Yes you do. I will ask you to do a ceremony and respect a few rules after your spell is cast by me. However, don't worry about it. You don't need any skills in witchcraft to do that correctly. Moreover, I will give you all the instructions and details you need to do your part successfully. Keep in mind that when you order a spell, it includes my help, inputs, and my help during the whole process, anytime you need it.

Do you offer a free recast?

Yes, I always do. However, keep in mind that my success rate is over 90%, and therefore, it doesn't happen many times that I have to recast a spell. And if I have to do it, I don't charge for it, unlike some other spellcasters who will try to take advantage of the situation when a spell doesn't work, and ask for more money.


Do I need to have some knowledge in witchcraft to have a spell cast?

No, it's not necessary. Of course it's always better because if you know about witchcraft, you already know the rules and what you can and cannot do. However, if you are totally new to witchcraft and spells, it's not a problem. I will explain you everything that you need to know. Moreover, you can read my website carefully, which will give you a good idea of what a spell is, and how it works.

Can I order a spell for someone else than me?

Yes, you can do it. However, you must be sure that the person for whom you order that spell really wants to have the results given by the effects of the spell, or will do everything to make it happen. For example, if you order a lottery spell for your son, who then doesn't play at the lottery nor do the requested ceremonies, there is no chance that it works indeed. A spell is only a mean that will help you to achieve something. It means that the spell will help you, but you must also make everything to help the spell to work.

Can I order more than 1 spell at a time?

Yes, it's possible to do so. However, I will impose 2 limits to this: first, I cannot spend my time for only one customer, and if you order many different spells, I will not cast them at once, so that I can still continue to work on other clients' cases. The second limit is indeed for your own sake: sometimes, it is not recommended to cast more than one spell at the same time because it may harm the 2 or more spells. If you intend to buy more than 1 spell, I will tell you if there is a problem regarding this issue.

If I had a spell cast before I contact you, what should I do?

You absolutely need to tell that to me. First I have to know the type of spell that you did before, and secondly the name of the spellcaster who cast it for you. It's very important that I know about this because it happens sometimes that a spell which was cast poorly, has negative influence on other spells (even if the latter are cast correctly). If necessary, I will do a cleansing before I cast my spell, in order to let the effects of my spell operate effectively.

Do your spells backfire?

No they don't. I can even say that since I started to cast spells for others, which was more than 15 years ago, I never had such a case. Backfires do exist, but to speak frankly, they happen to "bad" spellcasters who don't take the precautions required.

My religion is against magic. Is it a problem or can you still cast a spell for me?

If your choice is to have a spell cast, it's not a problem. Besides, you must know that religions that forbid magic are doing so by tradition, but it's never against a religion to seek for happiness, isn't it? So it shouldn't be a problem for you too.

Are your spells guaranteed?

I guarantee that the spell will be cast with the most important possible care, but in no case I can guarantee you with future results. I can't guarantee results for different logic reasons: first, what if the information you gave me is not accurate? It happens more than you think that a person forgets to tell me something important, or make an error in the birthdates. Another reason is that I can control the quality of my work, but I can't control the quality of the ceremony you'll have to do, nor the fact that you are actually being positive during the whole process of the spell. Last but not least, I don't know serious spellcasters who propose a money back guarantee, and all those who do or did have been convicted as scams! So you better stay away from so called casters who make you an offer that sounds "too good to be true".

What is the price of a spell?

The price of a spell depends a lot on what kind of results you are actually looking for. Are they permanent or short term results? Is your situation complex or not? In a word, it depends. The cheapest of my spell is the cleansing I can do to purify your energies from past spells, and it costs $50. And the price can be up to $500 for most difficult situations.